Energy Conference September 12-13, 2016


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Link to Video scheduled to play at Monday luncheon (Janice Lin presentation).

At the 2016 Conference on Energy Trends and Opportunities in Kailua Kona, we asked: “What can be done to assist with the implementation of energy storage in Hawaii?” Lively discussions ensued and a few volunteered the following:

  • Supply more project financing to support commercial installations;
  • Educate local jurisdictions that are responsible for issuing permits about the new technologies that now exist;
  • Provide third party certification to place technologies on a fast track approval for regulators;
  • Educate Hawaii consumers; community colleges can assist;
  • Connect the right partners to each other to get projects in the ground – start with a 100kW battery possibly powered by OTEC at a location like NELHA;
  • Consider storing energy in water infrastructure and systems;
  • Develop wind power for agriculture applications; and
  • Determine a clear price point for energy storage.

Thank you to all for the brain storming and sharing of ideas.  And mahalo to Janice Lin for prompting and facilitating discussions.