Due to the national health emergency crisis as declared by President Trump we want to inform you of the steps we’re taking here at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA) to ensure the safety of our community.

We understand that these are extraordinary times and in alignment with precautions set by other agencies, the following changes will be effective Thursday March 19, 2020 until Monday May 4, 2020 at the earliest.
• The Wawaloli Beach Park will be closed.
• The Gateway Building and Hale Iako will be closed to the public.
• NELHA Offices in Keena Hana and Hale Wai Ono will be closed.
• All public restroom buildings will be closed.
• Portable public restrooms will be available at the entrance to the Research Campus and at
Wawaloli Beach Park.
• Nighttime fishing permits are discontinued.
• Our security service will be patrolling HOST Park 24/7.

We want to assure you that there will be NO interruption to our seawater delivery system.
In addition, there will be NO changes to the gate opening and closing times.

The national health emergency is constantly evolving. We are monitoring the situation closely and will update our plans based on what is best for the health and safety of our community. We are grateful that you are part of the NELHA community and appreciate your understanding during this time.

Mahalo and Be Safe.



Aloha from the world’s premier Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Park (HOST Park) where we grow sustainable industries using sunshine, seawater and ingenuity.

The State of Hawaii has invested over $130 million since 1974 to create the Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Park (HOST Park) in Kailua Kona on the Island of Hawaii.  The innovative green economic development park is administered by NELHA, a self-sufficient State of Hawaii agency. Hale Iako Office Building
After four decades, NELHA is well on track to fulfilling its mission as an engine for economic development in Hawaii and the economic impact generated by HOST Park is approaching $150M annually with the creation of over 600 jobs Statewide.

HOST Park is a unique outdoor demonstration site for emerging renewable energy, aquaculture and other ocean-based sustainable technologies. HOST Park has become the world’s premier ocean science innovation hub and operates at the nexus of water, energy, and food. Three sets of pipelines deliver cold deep sea water from up to 3,000 ft. depth as well as warm pristine surface sea water. Current equipment and pipeline infrastructure is capable of pumping up to 100,000 gallons per minute of seawater throughout the 900 acre technology park.

For more information about what’s happening at the HOST Park, click on the following links:

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Real Time Air Quality Sensor in NELHA Research Campus

Hale Iako Office Space Availability (PDF)

Conference Rooms are available to the general public!