The past few years have witnessed spectacular increase in production, sales and exports at NELHA. These increases are having a favorable impact on Hawaii’s aquaculture production and export. See today’s press release and Pacific Business News, West Hawaii Today, Honolulu Star Advertiser articles for further details. Shrimp News International, a major international shrimp industry reporting service, is taking ...
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Fish 2.0 is a business competition that connects sustainable fishing and aquaculture businesses with potential investors. Of the 170 entrants, only 37 are selected to participate in a competition in November. NELHA’s Kampachi Farms LLC has been selected as one of the finalists.

Cyanotech has built and started operations at a state of the art supercritical Co2 extraction facility (there are only a another handful in the world). More details are available in articles from West Hawaii Today and Pacific Business News.

Lockheed Martin’s partnering with Kampachi Farms LLC makes local print and local news as well as national news. Below is a picture of the Vellela offshore demonstration by Kampachi Farms. Photo courtesy of Jeff Milisen, © Kampachi Farms, LLC

The world’s largest supplier of SPF shrimp broodstock, Shrimp Improvement Systems,  has been located at NELHA since 2012. Read more on the history of SPF shrimp and the role played by NELHA from this Hawaii Business Magazine article by Jim Wyban. A companion to this article is a summary of a few of the shrimp companies in ...
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Gerald Heslinga from Indo Pacific Sea Farms at NELHA is the father of giant clam farming which he developed in Palau at the Micronesian Mariculture Demonstration Center starting in the 1970s. His recent TEDx Kmuela presentation does a great job explaining sustainable aspects and economic benefits of giant clam farming.

Two NELHA aquaculture business owners made presentations at the TEDx Kamuela 2014 conference, held Saturday, October 4th, at the Kahilu Theater in Kamuela. Dr. James Wyban (below left), founder of Hawaii High Health Aquaculture, traced the domestic and international impact of specific-virus-free (SPF) shrimp in his presentation entitled “Hawaii’s Shrimp Broodstock Industry.” Gerald Heslinga, (below right) ...
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Two recently rescued monk seal pups were admitted to Ke Kai Ola on September 18. The first batch of 4 patients admitted in July have been successfully brought back to health and released to the wild.

The first 4 monk seals have arrived at NELHA. News Release from the Marine Mammal Center below. Also, check out the video.       News Release Contact: Charles Littnan (in Hawaii on ship), 808-220-3601 Contact: Laura Sherr (in California), 415-289-7361 The Marine Mammal Center and NOAA Collaborating to Bring First Patients to New Hawaiian ...
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Blue Ocean Mariculture, which operates its hatchery at NELHA, is seeking to expand offshore operations offshore of Keahole.