Applied Research

NELHA has received an award from the US Department of Energy to utilize the existing 4 acre CSP array to provide heat for a forward osmosis project. The project plans to produce 130,000 gallons per day of fresh water. More information available through the following sources: State of Hawaii Press release DOE Announcement DOE Program ...
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Infrasound Laboratory located at NELHA focuses on inaudible low frequency sounds generated by large events including volcanic eruptions, meteors, tsunamis. This recent blog gives a good overview on volcanic acoustics work done by the lab.

UH’s Infrasound Laboratory (ISLA), whose home base is at NELHA,  is part of a 13-university and eight national laboratories team under the newly established consortium called the Center for Verification Technology. Dr. Milton Garces, HIGP Associate Researcher and Director of the U.H. Infrasound Laboratory will lead the infrasound work. Funding is from the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and the consortium is ...
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West Hawaii Today reported on sea water air conditioning a few days ago. The technology first implemented at NELHA 30 years  is gaining popularity.

Infrasound from the meteor blast generated by the February 2013 Chelyabinsk event propagated around the world and was recorded at least twice in Antarctica. Dr. Milton Garces from the Infrasound Laboratory (based at NELHA) is co-author for the November 2013 Nature article that summarizes the Chelyabinsk event.