HOST Park Unveiled: Dive into an Ocean of Innovation Online

Posted on Jan 26, 2024 in Applied Research, Aquaculture, Conservation, Education, Energy, Ocean Research, OTEC

The highly anticipated website for HOST Park, Hawaii’s premier hub for research and development in renewable energy and ocean science and technology, is officially live.

This user-friendly platform is your gateway to exploring the park’s cutting-edge initiatives, diverse community of innovators, and unique resources. Whether you’re a researcher, entrepreneur, investor, or simply curious about the future of sustainable solutions, it’s just one click away.

Discover what it’s like at the park by visiting virtually. Explore the 870-acre park and discover the locations of research facilities, businesses, and community hubs. Learn the history of the park and its Hawaiian ties.

Meet the innovators: Get to know the passionate individuals and companies shaping the future at HOST Park through engaging profiles and interviews.

Dive into the research: Learn about the groundbreaking projects underway in areas like renewable energy generation, ocean conservation and oceanographic exploration.

Explore the opportunities: Discover investment possibilities, partnership opportunities, and exciting career paths available at HOST Park.

Stay informed: Follow NELHA’s social media and keep up-to-date on the latest news, events, and developments at the park.

The HOST Park website is more than just an information portal; it’s an invitation to join a thriving community of changemakers.

Visit today and experience the power of innovation fueled by the ocean.