HOST Park is an Ocean Science Demonstration Site

HOST Park presents many advantages for ocean science projects. Large amounts of surface and deep sea water are available throughout the park from its 10-mile + distribution system. The research campus wet lab receives 2000 ft depth and 80 ft seawater.

Over the years universities such as Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of Hawaii and many others have studied seawater chemistry and biota.

The ability to co-locate R&D and commercial components has attracted many privately and publicly owned aquaculture and biotech firms. The proximity to the coastline and 5.2 square miles of ocean research corridor are also attractive to firms interested in exploring ocean-based technologies.

Photo of ocean sensors

CODAR Ocean Sensors Ltd 2011-2012

Photo of ocean science lab

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution / Daniel Repeta 2012