HOST Park is a Clean Energy Test Bed

HOST Park has established itself as a premier clean energy test bed. It has provided leaders in Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) with an incredible test location for closed and open cycle systems, as well as onshore and offshore systems since 1974.

The park is also prime for outdoor real-world demonstrations of solar, ocean and biomass energy-related projects. In addition to its natural assets, HOST Park presents unsurpassed organizational assets with clear goals and an updated master plan with over 250 acres slated for applied energy projects.

NELHA is part of an ecosystem of organizations (State, Federal and County agencies, National Labs, tech companies, non-profits, incubators and education organizations) serving as strategic energy activities partners.

HOST Park continues to build on its reputation as a successful energy test bed and international destination as a proving ground for clean energy innovation.  

Photo of OTEC 1990
210 kW OTEC Experimental Plant 1990’s
Photo of Keahole Solar
Keahole Solar Power LLC 2009
Photo of Makai Ocean Engineering Exchanger Test Facility
Makai Ocean Engineering Heat Exchanger Test Facility 2012