HOST Park has Containerized Demonstrations

HOST Park is an ideal location to serve as node for world-class test bed for containerized technology development using its comparative advantage of being within several hours of a diverse mixture of climatic zones, including semi-arid coastal at Keahole, leeward transitional, sub-alpine, alpine and tropical rainforest as well as access to pristine deep ocean seawater.

The global trend towards miniaturization and containerization of demonstration and test equipment is a promising niche for HOST Park.  In this regard, HOST Park can become a center for containerized technologies in the fields of clean energy and ocean science.

Proximity to the airport and our mid-Pacific location is also a significant advantage to grow this niche as prototypes could be shipped in from anywhere in the world through the Kona International Airport and out to markets and areas of need such as disaster areas.

There are currently four projects in which researchers are using containers for the testing of prototype clean energy and ocean science concepts.

Photo of containerized demonstration
HNEI PV/Wind Variable Power Ice Machine  
Photo of containerized demonstration
ISLA Infrasound Source