COVID-19 – October 12, 2020 UPDATE

In observance of County of Hawaii Mayor Kim’s “Amendment to Mayor’s COVID-19 Emergency Rule No. 12 Extension” issued on September 30, 2020 the NELHA Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Park (HOST Park) will return to normal operations and will be open to all traffic from 5am to 8pm daily effective Thursday October 1, 2020.

Issuance of nighttime fishing permits will resume effective October 21, 2020.

It is IMPORTANT to note that Mayor Kim’s Emergency Rule No. 12 social gatherings of groups larger than ten (10) persons are not permitted.  This applies to all public spaces within HOST Park and specifically the Wawaloli Beach Park.  As noted in Mayor Kim’s Rule No. 12 “Face coverings are required and physical distancing of at least six (6) feet between separate groups must be maintained.”

The NELHA administrative offices in the Keena Hana building will remain closed to visitors without an appointment.  Visitors with an appointment will be accepted in the main offices after a temperature check.  Please call 327-9585 in advance if you wish to make an appointment.

Please ensure that you practice safe distancing and wear a mask per the County of Hawaii guidelines. You may wish to refer to these important references regarding safety guidelines.

Mahalo and Be Safe.


Winter 2020/2021 Newsletter is out! (12/1/2020)


Aloha from the world’s premier Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Park (HOST Park) where we grow sustainable industries using sunshine, seawater and ingenuity.

The State of Hawaii has invested over $130 million since 1974 to create the Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Park (HOST Park) in Kailua Kona on the Island of Hawaii.  The innovative green economic development park is administered by NELHA, a self-sufficient State of Hawaii agency. Hale Iako Office Building
After four decades, NELHA is well on track to fulfilling its mission as an engine for economic development in Hawaii and the economic impact generated by HOST Park is approaching $150M annually with the creation of over 600 jobs Statewide.

HOST Park is a unique outdoor demonstration site for emerging renewable energy, aquaculture and other ocean-based sustainable technologies. HOST Park has become the world’s premier ocean science innovation hub and operates at the nexus of water, energy, and food. Three sets of pipelines deliver cold deep sea water from up to 3,000 ft. depth as well as warm pristine surface sea water. Current equipment and pipeline infrastructure is capable of pumping up to 100,000 gallons per minute of seawater throughout the 900 acre technology park.

For more information about what’s happening at the HOST Park, click on the following links:

Live Cam from Hale Iako

Real Time Air Quality Sensor in NELHA Research Campus

Hale Iako Office Space Availability (PDF)

Conference Rooms are available to the general public!