NELHA Internship Program

Lab Intern PictNELHA nurtures connections with high schools, community organizations, collages, universities and research institutions to promote a culture of fresh ideas and new thinking.

We offer internships and volunteer student projects which provide an opportunity for students to enhance their academic programs with field experience, related to their career interests, in a real-world setting. We also facilitate internships at HOST Park client organizations.



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Our Internship Program reaches out to students by providing an environment for interesting work-related projects that mutually benefit the student and the strategic goals of the organization hosting the projects.

Students benefit by having an opportunity to gain work experience at NELHA in the areas of business, engineering and science in order to enhance their educational and career goals.

Contact [email protected] for more information on our internship program. Some of our internships are made possible by partner organizations.

For more information about summer internships at NELHA through these organizations,  please contact Akamai Workforce Development for College internship opportunities or STEMWorks for High School internship opportunities.

Current and past interns since 2009 with project titles and links to selected presentations 

 Student  Institution  Year  Description
Jenna Perry Washington University in St. Louis Summer 2022 Infrastructure Risk Assessment Analysis for NELHA’s Seawater Pumping System (Akamai Program)
Lilly Hickman West Hawaii Explorations Academy Summer 2022 Electronic Reminder System – Highschool Project Hokulani
Romilly Benedict George Mason University 2018 Quantifying microplastic concentrations in surface and deep seawater at NELHA (PDF)
Sidney Vermeulen Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2018 Digitizing, analyzing, and creating an interactive webpage for NELHA’s 30 years of biota monitoring (PDF)
Eva Garces Kealakehe High School 6/2017 – 12/2017 Meta Data Analysis for Infrasonic Data Collection from Smart Devices at Infrasound Laboratory
Talmage Nakamoto Brigham Young University 6/2017 – 8/2017 Seawater Air Conditioning Energy Analysis at NELHA (Akamai Program)
Chanung Seo Suncheon University 4/2017 – 9/2017 SCADA and Microgrid Initiatives at NELHA
Austin Corotan Western Washington University 6/2016 – 8/2016 Assessing VIIRS for Coastal Water Quality Monitoring in the Hawaiian Islands (PDF) at NELHA (Akamai Program)
Kully Kekaula-Basque Columbia University 6/2016 – 8/2016 Characterization of Six Microalgae Strains for Aquaculture Feed at Cellana (Akamai Program)
Ian Denzer Kealakehe High School 7/2015 – 10/2015 The Optimization of Telemetry Transmitter Location (PDF) at NELHA
Kapono Gaughen University of Hawai‘i at Manoa 6/2015 – 8/2015 NELHA Anchialine Ponds Survey (PDF) at NELHA (Akamai Program)
Alexandra Van Pernis Brown University 6/2015 – 8/2015 Determining the Cause of Abalone Mortality (PDF) at Big Island Abalone Corporation (Akamai Program)
Brittany Denzer Colorado College 6/2015 – 8/2015 Carbon Dioxide Utilization Efficiency in Microalgae Systems: Evaluating the Use of Flue Gas to Grow Microalgae (PDF) at Cellana (Akamai Program)
Kellie Yamane University of Hawaii at Hilo 6/2014 – 8/2014 Product Stability Program at Cellana (Akamai Program)
Amy Lowe Kealakehe High School 6/2014 – 8/2014 Interactive lab supply database at Cellana
Caleb Bishop Kealakehe High School 6/2014 – 8/2014 Product inventory system upgrade; Process control data mining program  at Cellana
Michelle Chu  University of Hawaii at Manoa 6/2014 – 8/2014 Seawater Distribution Water Budget  (PDF)(Akamai Program)
Daniel Gregg  Brown University 6/2014 – 8/2014 Seawater Distribution System Topology (Akamai Program)
Brittany Seto Denzer  Colorado College 6/2014 – 8/2014 Potassium Persulfate Oxidation Study
Jin Martin-Schatz  Sarah Lawrence College 6/2014 – 8/2014 Ocean Observatory Data Display for NELHA SCADA System
Luke Van der Spool  Rice University 6/2014 – 7/2014 Power Dashboard for the HOST Park Research Campus
Megan Aucoin  University of Hawaii at Hilo 3/2014 – 5/2014 Biological Oxygen Demand Dilution Water Study
 Kristiana Van Pernis  Hawaii Preparatory Academy 7/2013 – 8/2013 How Temperature Affects Water Samples Over Time (PDF)
Keli Jackson  Hawaii Preparatory Academy 7/2013 – 8/2013 How Temperature Affects Water Samples Over Time (PDF)
Michelle S. Rabara  University of Dayton 6/2013 – 8/2013 Poly-culture of Abalone and Japanese Sea Cucumber (PDF) at Big Island Abalone Corporation
 Delaney Ross  Barnard College 6/2013 – 8/2013 Measuring Nutrient Concentrations in Surface Sea Water (PDF)
Camie Richno  University of Hawaii Center at West Hawaii 6/2013 – 8/2013 Creation of a Chemical Inventory Database for NELHA Water Quality Laboratory (PDF)
Alexandra Hutchison  Hamilton College & Cornell University 5/2012 ­– 8/2012 Design and creation of roll up posters describing HOST park for marketing purposes
Chris Sugai  University of Hawaii at Manoa 6/2012 – 8/2012 Abalone Feed Study at Big Island Abalone Corporation
Kateyln Ho  Cornell University 6/2012 – 8/2012 Photo Oxidation Alternative Methods Study (PDF)
 Zeo Sims  Hawaii Preparatory Academy 3/2012 – 4/2012 DMRQA Analysis
 Chris Sugai  University of Hawaii at Manoa 6/2011 – 8/2011 Gas Segmented Continuous Flow Colorimetric Analysis (PDF)
Jayiynne Fomer  West Hawaii Exploratory Academy 4/2011 – 6/2011 Anchialine Pond Nutrient Concentration Study
Derek Ogi  Konawaena Middle School 3/2011 – 4/2011 Chemical Engineer Mentorship
Neil Abranyi  University of Hawaii at Manoa 7/2010 – 8/2010 Deep Seawater Biomass Study
Keisha Lianes-Kelekoho  Sea Grant 6/2010 – 7/2010 Kona Kids Summer Program Groundwater Sampling and Analysis
Laikea Morelli  Sea Grant 6/2010 –7/2010 Kona Kids Summer Program Groundwater Sampling and Analysis
Janisa Simmons  Sea Grant 6/2010 –7/2010 Kona Kids Summer Program Groundwater Sampling and Analysis
Edith Kalua’u  Sea Grant 6/2010 –7/2010 Kona Kids Summer Program Groundwater Sampling and Analysis
Andrew Walsh University of Hawaii at Hilo 11/2008 – 8/2009 Effects of Nutrient Enrichment on the Growth of Epiphytic Algae at Keahole Point (PDF)
Alexander Renaud Princeton University 7/2008 – 8/2008 Mitigating Adverse Environmental Impacts of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Technology Effluent Using Gracilaria Parvispora and Palmaria Mollis as Biofilters