NELHA is moving on recommendations resulting from the 2017 Aquaculture Summit! See this press release  and articles from West Hawaii Today and University of Hawaii for details. Also an RFI has been issued to run the accelerator and follow on investment fund.

Caterpillar Inc. and Pacific International Space Center and Explorations Systems (PISCES) are partnering to launch a first annual international robotics competition to bring college teams from around the world.  The competition will take place late summer 2019 at NELHA which can provide an ideal lunar and/or mars surface for robots designed to collect the most ...
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Watch DR. Claire Simeone’s April 2018 TED Talk as she explains why she coined the term “zoognosis” to define the knowledge spread between humans and animals, and how it applies to The Marine Mammal Center and Ke Kai Ola’s work. Claire Simeone was the first veterinarian to be selected as a TED Fellow

NELHA’s wellness program (called HOST OLA) was approved as a Blue Zones. Thank you to Lee-Ann and Kirsten form Blue Zones and the entire crew at NELHA for making this happen!

NELHA has received an award from the US Department of Energy to utilize the existing 4 acre CSP array to provide heat for a forward osmosis project. The project plans to produce 130,000 gallons per day of fresh water. More information available through the following sources: State of Hawaii Press release DOE Announcement DOE Program ...
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Conservation International has finalized the 2018 Ocean Health Index for Hawaii.  The final score was 74 out of 100 with Livelihoods & Economies, Offshore Fisheries, and Sense of Place scoring relatively well. Coastal Protection was the lowest scoring goal, followed by the Habitats sub-goal of Biodiversity, the Mariculture sub-goal of Food Provision, and Sustainable Tourism. There ...
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Ecoult new lead acid battery was installed on April 20, 2018 by Renewable Energy Systems. The battery will be evaluated by Sandia National Laboratories over the course of a full year.

EPSCoR ‘Ike Wai Dance

Posted on Apr 20, 2018 in Main

Check out the Water Cycle Dance created an performed by our colleagues from UH created and performed at NELHA for EPSCoR ‘Ike Wai (knowledge of water).  

Don’t miss it!