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Lockheed Martin’s partnering with Kampachi Farms LLC makes local print and local news as well as national news. Below is a picture of the Vellela offshore demonstration by Kampachi Farms. Photo courtesy of Jeff Milisen, © Kampachi Farms, LLC

Congratulations to WHEA’s robotics club, the Sharkbots, who earlier this Month of march 2015, ranked 24th out of 48 competitors at the First Robotics Competition on the mainland. Below, Nai’a North, WHEA sophomore and star machinist, makes final adjustments to the WHEA robot which was built to stack objects. Photo courtesy of Melanie Bondera. For more ...
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A study on the economic impact of the NELHA park for 2013 was recently completed and published. Total economic output to the greater Hawaii was 40% higher than in 2010 as discussed in today’s press release and West Hawaii Today article.

Tribute to Dr. John Craven

Posted on Mar 3, 2015 in OTEC

Dr. John P. Craven, one of the founders of NELHA, recently died on February 12, 2015. Pioneer and innovator, Dr. Craven not only shaped NELHA into what it is now, but also lay much of the foundation for NELHA’s future. Many of NELHA’s staff remember Dr. Craven with fondness and awe, none more than Jan War as ...
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