Infrasound from the meteor blast generated by the February 2013 Chelyabinsk event propagated around the world and was recorded at least twice in Antarctica. Dr. Milton Garces from the Infrasound Laboratory (based at NELHA) is co-author for the November 2013 Nature article that summarizes the Chelyabinsk event.

Interested in Hawaii’s favorite fish? You might want to check out Honolulu Magazine’s December 2013 edition which includes an article on Pacific Plantonics ahi spawning work.

NELHA is providing a home base for a University of Hawaii SOEST Acoustic Sea Glider mission  No. 9 (PI: Prof. Bruce Howe). The sea glider was deployed at the north end of the island on December 9, 2013. The glider is equipped with a passive acoustic monitoring system which will be used to help monitor ...
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The Marine Mammal Center new Kailua Kona monk seal hospital is approaching completion of its Phase 1 construction.  Follow construction progress at the Monk Seal Hospital website.

Gerald Heslinga’s presented his lifelong passion and work at the last NELHA brown bag seminar: the creation of a giant clam industry in the Pacific Islands. Educated at Harvard and UH, he has worked professionally in 18 countries. For those who missed his excellent and entertaining seminar, much of the information he presented is contained in his new ...
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Check recent West Hawaii Today article for more details.

Makai Ocean Engineering Inc. has recently announced the receipt of a $3.5 million award from HNEI (Hawaii Natural Energy Institute) and ONR (Office of Naval Research) to continue their OTEC work at NELHA. The work includes designing improved OTEC heat exchangers and the connection of OTEC produced power to the grid. A full press release is available ...
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Don’t miss TechConKona 2.0 this Saturday November 2, 2013 at the Gateway Conference Building!

Cellana is feeling very hopeful about the future of algae production in the US!  Martin Sabarsky, Cellana’s CEO, recently participated in the Launch of the Congressional Algae Caucus in October 2013. The Algae Caucus is co-chaired by representatives Scott Peters from California and Matt Salmon from Arizona. Representative Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii is also a ...
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Syd Kraul from Pacific Planktonics at HOST Park is one step closer to the holy grail of fish farming. Read about the latest developments in the fields of ahi aquaculture in the October 2013 Hawaii Business article.