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The High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) and NELHA held a joint Board meeting on January 20, 2015 at NELHA’s Gateway Center. The purpose was to facilitate discussions on how NELHA and HTDC can work together to provide business planning services and support to clients of the clean energy technology and marine science incubator at the NELHA research ...
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Paid internships at Hawaii observatories and companies for students at community colleges and universities in Hawaii, and students from Hawaii studying on the mainland. The Akamai Internship Program is an amazing opportunity to get work experience. Some of the students get the opportunity to work at NELHA. More than 100 Akamai interns are now in science and ...
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The Innovation Framework Forward

Posted on Feb 3, 2015 in Main

Enterprise Honolulu’s recent report entitled “The Innovation Framework Forward” proposes innovation driven growth for Hawaii. NELHA provides important infrastructure in the areas of food/energy/health and contributes to Hawaii’s startup paradise ecosystem.

Several staff members of Hawaii,’s Department of Health, Clean Water Branch observed methods and participated in NELHA’s quarterly ocean transect sampling on December 4, 2014. Field samples from waters offshore of NELHA were then brought ashore to the NELHA laboratory and analyzed.

The world’s largest supplier of SPF shrimp broodstock, Shrimp Improvement Systems,  has been located at NELHA since 2012. Read more on the history of SPF shrimp and the role played by NELHA from this Hawaii Business Magazine article by Jim Wyban. A companion to this article is a summary of a few of the shrimp companies in ...
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