Tours at HOST Park

Interested in visiting HOST Park?  You are in luck as there are several farms currently offering fascinating tours to the general public. Book your tour directly through the farm webpage links below!

Big Island Abalone Farm

Big Island Abalone Farm offers a guided farm tour on weekdays at 12:15 pm with both Japanese-and English-speaking guides. Farm-gate sales and tasting are also available at the farm.

Ocean Rider Sea Horse Farm

Come hold a seahorse at Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm. Visit the world’s only seahorse and sea dragon aquarium founded in 1998. Reservations are required. Purchase your tickets at Open Monday through Friday. Visit for information, directions  and tickets.

Sea Salts of Hawaii Farm

Join us for a 45 minute tour of our Kona Sea Salt Farm! Located on 7 acres of oceanfront space on Kona Keahole Point, Kona Sea Salt hand harvests Hawaiian Salt from pristine deep ocean waters, 2200 feet below the surface of the Kona Sea.