Makai Ocean Engineering Inc.

Makai Ocean Engineering LogoMakai Ocean Engineering was founded in 1973 as a diversified ocean engineering company providing services in Hawaii and the Pacific.  Today, Makai has expanded their services to include international clientele focusing on engineering for renewable energy (OTEC and SWAC), large ocean pipelines, software for the planning, simulation, installation and recovery of submarine cables and arrays, and software for visualizing scientific 4D/5D data. Makai takes pride in successfully achieving innovative solutions to difficult problems for a broad base of clientele which has included private, industrial and commercial firms nationally and internationally; federal, state and local governments and Pacific Island Nations.  Makai has a long and distinguished history with NELHA since its inception in 1974 when it was founded for OTEC research. In 1979,  Makai designed and oversaw the construction of the cold water pipe, mooring, and platform for a barge dubbed “Mini-OTEC”; the world’s first net-power producing OTEC plant.  Since that time, Makai has designed 4 deep water pipelines for NELHA, including the largest and deepest seawater intake in the world. Makai will continue to pioneer OTEC research at NELHA, moving Hawaii further ahead in providing critically needed firm, renewable energy, and reducing our dependence on imported oil.