Indo-Pacific Sea Farms Inc.

Indo-Pacific Sea Farms LogoIndo-Pacific Sea Farms, Inc. develops viable, sustainable, highly diversified, non-polluting aquaculture since 1995. Superior strain selection of Hawaiian seaweeds (Gracilaria, Ulva, Caulerpa, Chaetomorpha, Sargassum), aonori, umibudo, organic agar, phytoplankton feeds, zooplankton feeds, macroalgal feeds, full life cycle culture of Hawaiian Artemia sp. isolates, HUFA enrichment, microinvertebrate grazers and detritivores, direct-developing micromolluscs, photosymbiotic anemones and acoelomates, biological control of algal fouling with plant secondary metabolites, deuterostome and protostome laboratory research models, self-cloning ophiuroids, denitrifying bacteria, salt-tolerant native Hawaiian ko’u trees, seeds, and byproducts, green-space applied research, integrated symbiotic systems, peer-reviewed publications, daily exports. Solar-powered, FCC-licensed radio station (WH6GTD) on site with MIL-STD-810G (MIL-SPEC) emcomm components, featuring analog mobile, off-grid, grid-down, maritime, and emergency communications capabilities (local, regional, international, AM, FM, SSB, HF, VHF, UHF.)