Hale Iako – Incubator Space

The Hale Iako Incubator Building is currently fully leased out. And although we do have a little bit of lab and outdoor space available, our 6 acre fenced incubation/research campus is close to full. However, our entrepreneurial ecosystem is dynamic so do call to enquire if any offices have freed up!  CONTACT US at [email protected] or 808-327-9585 X244

Front Entrance to Hale Iako

Hale Iako is named after the ‘iako, the arched beam that fastens the ama (floater) to the hull of an outrigger canoe. The ‘iako is critical to stabilize the canoe and navigate rough waters for long distances. Hale Iako aims to bridge NELHA’s ocean, energy and sustainability activities by providing incubator space as well as business services.

Hale Iako opened fall 2016.  Features include security, free parking, free electrical, conference and collaboration space in an eco-friendly building cooled with deep sea water.

Interested in some of the amenities offered? Check out the Hale Iako Welcome flyer.


Please call 808-327-9585 (X244) for details.