Park Assets

Graphic of the NELHA Advantage

NELHA’s assets make it an ideal clean energy test bed for almost all renewable energy technologies including geothermal. Those same resources also provide an excellent base for pure and applied ocean based projects.




Master permitted – CDUP – SMA – EIS

Proximity to international airport

Land – 870 acres

Ocean – 3290 acres research corridor

High insolation

<15″ of rainfall/year

Class AA ocean waters

2 R&D campuses on a total of 9 acres

15,000 square feet office, lab and conference rooms

Research Campus microgrid



Three pipeline systems operating 24/7 and 365 days/year

10+ mile seawater distribution system

Deep Sea Water (DSW) from 2000ft and 3000 ft depth

Max DSW pumping capacity 43,400 gpm

Surface Sea Water (SSW) from 80 ft depth

Max SSW pumping capacity 55,600 gpm

New meteorological station installed November 2012

High quality real time and historical met data

Co-location R&D and commercialization

Outreach program


Comprehensive Environment Monitoring Program

Benchmark for ocean water quality analysis

Biosecurity Management Plan

2011 Updated Master Plan

Land dedicated to renewable, ocean  and sustainable industries

Green Economic Development Agency

Hawaii Enterprise Zone – Tax benefits

Designated Foreign Trade Zone

Technical Support (lab, engineering, electrical, mechanical)

Distributed Energy Strategy (PDF)